Lindsay Crocket
  • +43 6769525758


  • Lead UI & Product Designer
  • Solvers
  • 2023

Project Details

Vi.Vi.Leder enhance digital experience for fintech customers with their patented Learn-to-Earn content module. Their leading technical products have already made a huge dent in the fintech market and they are now looking to take it further by creating their own platform for accessing and managing their APIs.

The Challange

The challenge for ViLeder was to create an intuitive intelligent dashboard for their clients to access and manage their API’s. This product is still growing and adapting to the technical leads and developments so the task was to create a flexible component-based architecture.

Project Outcome

After conducting extensive research and interviews to outline what key actions the target user group requires to manage their API’s I created a flexible component-based architecture that allows the product to adapt and scale as it grows.