Lindsay Crocket
  • +43 6769525758

About Me

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland I've been living in Vienna, Austria for the last 7 years after falling in love with the city. I have a passion for design and storytelling, which is what led me to UI design.


I have a MA in digital journalism, a BSc in Interactive Media design and over 7 years experience in senior positions for both agencies and international organisations.

  • Lead UI & Product Designer
  • Solvers
  • Head of UI/UX
  • IT Beyond Borders
  • Lead Screen Designer
  • Graphic Design Consultant

My Mission

My mission is to combine the vision of the client with my expertise to design the highest quality bespoke digital products at a price that offers excellent value for money. I work in close partnership with my clients, who can rely on my integrity, and I make the following promises to my existing and future customers.


I will estimate honestly what a project will cost, and will not hide costs or underestimate, to secure the job. I will say in advance if the job becomes more complex and unforeseen tasks need to be addressed. I will communicate regularly, sending weekly timesheets that reflect the work completed to date. My hourly rate is always 100€ per hour.


I am a User Experience expert. My role is to work with my clients and help them understand how to achieve their stated objectives, incorporating their own ideas and vision in a way that will enhance the product. I commit to building an honest and forthright relationship with my clients to enable a free exchange of ideas that will produce the best results.


My mission is to provide unique, high quality, modern designs to a select few clients. I take my reputation very seriously and view every project as a reflection of my work and therefore want it to look as good and function as well as it possibly can.

Frequent Availability

I will respond within 24 hours Monday-Friday